American Football in Europe is thriving, mainly due to the German Football League (GFL), the most prominent league in American football of the continent. Its 16 teams in 2012 share one goal: German Bowl XXXIV on October 13 at Berlin’s Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark (kickoff at 6 p.m. CET). The German national championship game is the top event in European American football each year, and it is no coincidence at all that the only two current European-trained players on offense or defense drafted into the NFL have their early roots in German football clubs. 

Just as Bowl games in the U.S. the German Bowls feature more than just the actual game. Pre-game and post-game festivities, halftime entertainment and a wide variety of American food and drinks (and of course some extra local treats) will again attract fans from all over Europe (and some from the U.S. or Japan) for German Bowl XXXIV. As for the first time since 24 years the game is played in the vivid German capital, one of Europe’s top travel destinations, the number of international guests should certainly be on the rise this year.

All guests will be guaranteed to watch some spectacular athletic performances: 21 of the 33 past German Bowls have been decided by a touchdown or less (two even went into overtime), so more often than not a whole season was on the wire until the very last play. While naturally the core of GFL team rosters is made up of German players, still any German Bowl is a multinational affair. GFL regulations allow teams to field any number of European players, dozens of national team players from other European countries make use of this opportunity to play in Europe’s elite American football league. And of course nearly all GFL teams use their share of American expertise. Two U.S. players per team may be on the field at the same time, often filling the most prominent skill positions. Not to speak of coaches – a lot of GFL teams are coached by Americans (e.g. the Düsseldorf Panther, where former Super Bowl winner James Jenkins is the head coach).

Tickets for German Bowl XXXIV are on sale online at this English language ticket order site.

For inquiries on VIP packages or to contact the German Bowl business relations department please email us at business@germanbowl.de or use the German language contact form.

VIP packages include preferred seating, extended hospitality including a premium dinner buffet and drinks throughout the event and preferred parking on stadium grounds (one car per two ticket holders). VIP packages may also be ordered with this German language order form.

International Media: Please direct all inquiries to the German Bowl public relations department. Email us at presse@germanbowl.de or use the German language contact form.

Information on the game and the two finalists is available in an English language Press Kit containing three PDF files. You may download these here:
English Language Press Kit